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Yellow Rocking Chair

“The firm named Keltainen keinutuoli (Yellow rocking chair) employs one person, Virpi Mäkinen. Virpi and
her family live in Seinäjoki. If you were to peek through a small-paned window of the Mäkinens’ log home,
you would see Virpi sitting in a deliciously yellow rocking chair. Her brushes whisk colors onto a canvas. She
makes jars, tubes, and palette knives come alive. They create wind, open seas, plains, streetscapes… There
are splashes of paint on the floor and on her jeans. There are potatoes bubbling in a pot on the stove. Now
and then Virpi will go and stir them, if she happens to remember. Her atelier is next to the living room. All
around Virpi her children are painting their own paintings or fussing over their dolls. Virpi also paints
paintings for children’s rooms. They depict friendly trolls sitting on children’s laps, foxes playing together,
and angels watching over children. The paintings create a happy, peaceful atmosphere in a child’s room.
Virpi’s days as an entrepreneur and mother are often busy. Even in the evening, when the house is quiet, a
light can be seen in the living room window. Virpi sits on the floor while putting the finishing touches on
large paintings. Tens of paintings are scattered around the living room to dry. In the morning some of them
will be sent off to their new owners.” Tekst: Taina Kosola

Order unique paintings from the online store or have a painting made according to your own wishes on a
traditional canvas or an acoustic board.

I have traditional canvases made in any size you want. The canvas material is linen and the wedges are
made of Finnish pine. I paint acrylic multimedia paintings on both canvas and acoustic boards.

I paint on Konto acoustic boards, which are Finnish natural products made from surface peat. They absorb
sounds effectively. Acoustic boards are lightweight and easy to hang on the wall. They withstand moisture
very well and will not become moldy. The surface of an acoustic board is beautifully rich. The larger the
acoustic board is, the better it absorbs sound. The theme, tone, and colors of a painting made according to
your wishes make it feel like your own. Tell me what theme and colors you want in the painting. You can
also tell me which of my earlier paintings you like so I know what style of painting to paint for you. Once I
have started to paint the painting, at some stage I’ll send you a picture that you can comment on.


Virpi p. 0445520168
s.posti: virpi@keltainenkeinutuoli.fi,
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